Friday, June 22, 2007

It's the day before the rally and I'm SO EXCITED as I head down to the garage to see my car. The Lotus cars are all together and lined up getting stickered so I waited to meet with Mr. Newberry to get my car keys. I had a choice of which Lotus I was going to take but as soon as I heard there was a yellow convertible Elise downstairs without seeing it first I claimed the car. That is by far going to be the coolest ride... two girls. top down. bright yellow car.. there's no way you're going to miss us and if you do, we'll come back around. :) I LOVE the car! It's such a perfect match and I'm really excited to drive it. This year there's no prototype cars so the Lotus Elise and the rest of the Lotus teams have a very good chance at being the coolest cars on the rally..

I took a good look around the garage to size up my competition and let's see... There's a Hummer (of course my car can take that as long as it doesn't run over me!), a couple Mustang's, there's a fleet of Porsche's, a couple Ferrari's, a few Mercede's and Bill's Lamborghini.. Not bad for starters but I have a feeling this won't be all I'm going to see. A lot of the cars haven't arrived yet and I'm still anticipating a Spyker car, maybe we'll have someone cruising in the C8 again this year but I still haven't run into Carl Lewis who drove one last year.

I'm going to meet up with Tila in a little while. I just got through registration and picked up some free swag. I got a couple t-shirts, another Bullrun hat, some Elizabeth Grant foot spray that's supposed to help tired feet, a couple cologne sprays and some girls gone wild gear. The one thing I am excited to play with is a Supertooth, which is a bluetooth that I can install in the car so I'll be able to talk on my phone while driving. It looks really easy to install but I'm not sure if the noise while having the top down will prevent me from hearing the device.
Dinner is in a few hours and I still have to get ready. It's going to be a big night for Bullrun as all the old and new Bullrunners come in and we all get to share stories. I look forward to catching up with Annabelle Frankl of Team Twins as she was the FIRST bullrun girl to ever be arrested!

“Let the games begin.” Or should we say “Let the delays begin?”
I drove up with four cars yesterday for some pre-Bullrun excitement before the big day. We had two Porsche twin turbos, an M6 and and Evo. We met in the morning in Greenwich and headed out from there so I snagged a seat in one of the Porsche’s and we were on our way…About two hours into our drive we all got pulled over for going slightly over the speed limit but we didn’t realize we all had slowly accelerated going on a downhill slope when the radar quickly went off. A cop comes out of no where and points us all over. He calls for back up, delays us almost an entire hour, threatens to impound all the cars and gives all the drivers a ticket for 82 in a 65.. Meanwhile, my driver and I are plotting plan B’s to get out of the car and run to Canada after all, we were on a bridge. The cops let us know that they are very aware of the Bullrun rally that will be coming through and they even claimed to have the inside on all the routes we’ll be taking as well. We were given the advice to forewarn all of our Bullrun rally drivers that anyone exceeding the speed limit or hitting triple digits in their cars will have the car immediately impounded and will be arrested… So, not exactly what we were hoping to hear on our drive up to Montreal.
The Canadian boarder had really tighten it’s ropes. I was able to get through in my car as well as Kristine Elezaj and her father in their Evo but, the M6 and the Porsche rental car from Gotham Dreams Cars that was for one of the rally drivers was held back. It really took some time to get our good friend Jason Thorgelson through who was also driving in the Porsche and wanted him to leave as well since the car wasn‘t able to come in. We got Jason across about an hour later and left Frankie (M6) back at customs trying to figure out how he was going to get his 10k back from customs.
We reached the Ritz Carlton around 9:30PM and I saw my Lotus boys, Danny Klein and Brian Newberry, who were on their way to Globe with an entourage of friends. There were only a few stickered cars outside so I decided to wait for tomorrow until I check out the garage, and party first! Our group got settled in and decided to skip out on dinner and head straight to the club. The club was SO much fun! Great people, great music, good vibes. We danced all night.. It was so good to see all the Bullrun family once again as well as my friends from the Spike TV show. Here are a few pictures I CAN show you.. The rest are off limits.. Kristine and I got up on the bar top last night.. Richard Rawlings joined us for some good o’ Bullrun fun!

Here's the scoop on a couple cars I've had the pleasure of driving with.

Kristine Elezaj- Mitsubishi Evo. About 25k in upgrades. She’s sponsored by Ecko Red and will be releasing an EP on the Bullrun, May 16. She’s not a virgin to Bullrun either, this is her second time around with her father.

Vivid Racing- 2001 996 Porsche Twin Turbo. This car looks really amazing, great paint job right?? But get up close and you’ll notice that the entire car is wrapped in vinyl. The car is actually yellow! Good thinking on Dan’s part. He’s the owner of Vivid racing, check out his website.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day two of driving and I’m already wondering what day it is. It seems to be flying by so fast. I let Tila do most of the driving today and I got to teach her how to down shift and use the emergency brake when she’s afraid of rolling forward. We went from Boston to Atlantic City and some how along the way we managed to get caught in downtown Manhattan after missing a tunnel with about four other cars so we had to go through 34th & 5th street in 5 o’clock traffic on Mother’s Day.. What a beautiful day. Haha
I’m glad to know that even though the rally is going on and most of everything that is on our minds right now is getting to the next location, most Bullrunner’s found some morning time to call their mothers and wish them a happy day. Jason Wallace made my entire table of breakfast goers say hello to his mom! Justin from Team Safety Car brought his mom fresh flowers to breakfast and us girls gave him a nice pat on the back.

The morning started off intense as we were all headed down to a ferry boat that was leaving at 11AM. Once on the ferry we were able to enjoy the boat ride and share some stories amongst ourselves. Mike Alsop has made had finally caught up with us and is now joining his daughter, Morgan, to finish the rally. Not too many tickets were reported this time around either.. I talked to Kristine Elezaj about all the tickets we got last year and how it almost seemed like a bonding experience. She recalled last years border stop into Kansas where 42 cars got pulled over and given warnings.. That was a GREAT story to tell. We look back and laugh about us getting pulled over and then frantically running back to our cars to catch up on the time we had lost.. And the Cuban brothers?? They are a little missed this year. I was looking forward to hearing “it’s nice to be nice but, it’s nicer to be known to be nice!”

So, without many tickets and a fair warning that the police were waiting for us at the border crossing we left the boat to travel 15 miles out to a winery. The scenery was once again really beautiful and the people were so nice and welcoming. Tila wanted to drive again since she was in a bit of a hurry to see her boyfriend who would be at the hotel when we arrived so she drove again. Our nav told us to go a different direction than all the cars and since Tila was driving she wanted to follow the pack so we stayed close behind the other Lotus.. Unfortunately, all of us were going the wrong way. We probably lost about six minutes. After that we decided we would listen to the nav, so far our nav has been very consistent.
Tonight we’re staying at the Trump Marina Hotel and Casino. Not a bad idea to do some gambling but I was greeted with champagne and an old Bullrun friend, Brian Ortiz, so we spent some time catching up before dinner. Dinner was inside the hotel which was convenient and Andy and David told us we had an open bar so the whole crew of us were getting drink after drink. There must have been forty bottles of beer on our table alone!!!! And here’s some stories that I heard..

Team Lotus, Brian and Danny got pulled over twice today. Brian was for sure he was going to jail and even handed over the keys to his partner but somehow the cop decided to let Brian go when he saw Brian’s police badge. They got to talking about the Mastercard company that him and Danny own and why he has a badge and the cop found some forgiveness.. Way to go Brian! Check out their mastercard company..

The best story of the day was hearing about Justin from the safety car. Justin was going down to the city to meet up with a fellow bull runner and indy pro car driver, Troy Hanson, when he managed to get involved in some police activity. A police officer saw his car and talked to Justin about his sexy ride and the next thing he knew the cop was telling him to follow behind him. Then he found out that about 100 cops were going to be practicing a high speed run and terrorist attack strategy so Justin was able to wait on the corner until he saw them coming up his way and he pulled out to join them. At one point he was in front of all the cars leading the pack. I wonder how his mom felt! How cool would that be? And I heard someone got this all on film.. I can’t wait to see it!

Well, after too many drinks at the table it was hard for me to write a proper take on my day so I’m writing a day late, sober.

Monday, May 21, 2007

From left: BYRON of Team Riecke, ME, KRISTINE ELEZAJ of Team Ecko Red

Interview for Canadian News

Us girls standing inside of the Lotus. From Left: Tila Tequila, Jennifer Nicole, Kristine Elezaj


MAKE WAY FOR BULLRUN! It was a fantastic morning and a great starting location for all our cars and the spectators who came out. Since I've gone through the lineup during last year's rally, I wanted to get there early to get a good starting position...But I still didn't get a briefing on the new JVC navigation in the car and both Tila Tequila and I were running a bit late from staying out late the night before.

I spoke to Team Charger and gave him Richard Rawling's old strategy from last year.. If we don't make the front we would try to go around to the front and back our way in.. Seemed like a good idea until all the cars were gridlocked and Tila took my old "flag girl" position so I held back to pick her up as she waved most of the cars through.

We got off to a really good start and both of us were really excited to get on our way. I quickly jumped ahead to see I could get to the rest of the Lotus guys, but the entire group of cars in front of me were busy trying to get out of the city faster than they could navigate and we all had to turn around after we passed a turn. I don't think Tila thought it was going to be as intense as it was but we were both having a great time taking pictures and getting down to the border.

I found the same pack of cars that I had cruised up to Canada, including Team Gotham's M6, the Twin Turbo Porsche, Mustang and a couple other cars kept a tight line together and cruised through. About fifteen minutes before we hit the border we noticed that a trooper had been following us by getting on and off the ramps... He did it about three times when I called Frank who was in front and said it would be a good time for a pit stop. We got off the road and took a five minute break in a residential neighborhoods and then cooled off before we got back on the road.

Once we hit the border we had trouble. Apparently, the flatbed that the Lotus was shipped in on to Canada didn't get the proper stamps and assessment to get into Canada so when we tried getting it back to the US we were held up and delayed 55min. We had to go back to the border, get an inspection, get stamps of approval and OH! what a NIGHTMARE! I have to give thanks to the M6, Frank from New York Motors, and Dan from Vivid Racing, as they waited for our car at a rest stop until I called over to them to tell them that it was going to be a while until we would get out of customs.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly. Tila found a good spot for a nap since she was jet lagged and I kept a steady drive on down. The Intercontinental Hotel was AMAZING!! We ate a nice dinner in the banquet room and headed over to the bar for a few drinks... This is where I got the dish...

Bill Wu is celebrating his third birthday this week.. It's his birthday EVERYDAY and everyone sings to him so he can get free ice cream. Most of the cars have a "I Love Wu" sticker on them which makes me laugh every time I see it. I've got nothing but love for Wu too.

OH! Canada's car blew up. The fuel pump had a leak and leaked onto the engine which had caught fire and melted everything. Luckily they had an extinguisher to put it out and Team Elezaj was quickly to the rescue for back up.
Richard Rawlings took off before ALL of us. We did get to say good bye to him since he had plans of his own but for the record.. He was FIRST (as always) and he got a head start. I'll keep you posted on his happenings.

Most of the cars just want to enjoy the drives and are not worrying about getting there as fast as they can. Our party was at the Felt where Girls Gone Wild happened to be there. I ordered some alcohol infused whipped cream shots but they never came...or did Tila take them all for herself? I don't think the girls disappointed many men last night but I called it an early one and headed back with Mike from the Charger.. We had to figure out our game plan and the closest freeways to take.. He has some very good allies and well, hey.. We have a "Spike TV alliance."

Monday, March 26, 2007

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